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Why are Women not Heard in a Court of Law?

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What Courts Need to Understand About Victims of Domestic Violence

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Children and Social Media Use in Custody Agreements

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Should all States Adopt a Presumption of Joint Custody?

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What Does Caring For Children Cost Mothers?

Patricia Fersch explores the subject of childcare costs and how it affects divorced mothers.

Coercion and Control Update Year-End, 2021

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Vaccine Custody Wars Update Part II

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Covid-19 Co-Parenting Update: How Does A Vaccinated Parent Co-Parent With An Anti-Vaxer?

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Is Passive-Aggressive Behavior a Response to Aggressive Behavior in Child Custody Disputes?

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Attorney For the Child, Guardian Ad Litem, Forensic Examiner – What Roles Do They Play in a Child Custody Case?

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