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How to Litigate for Child Support With a Narcissist

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Do I Have to Agree to Joint Custody With my Ex?

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Does a Parent Coordinator Help in High-Conflict Custody Cases?

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Parental Alienation as a Defense to Allegations of Domestic Violence and Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

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Domestic Violence: Coercion and Control Equates to a Loss of Liberty, Sense-of-Self, and Dignity for Women

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Child Custody Relocation or Move Away Cases – How Difficult are They?

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Domestic Violence During COVID-19: The Ugly Underside of Staying at Home with the Family

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Will Mediation And Private Judges End The Uncivility Of In-Court Family Law Litigation Post COVID?

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What Does it Cost to Raise a Child?

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Holiday Travel With Children December 2020

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