Family Court Actions

Child Relocation

Applications to relocate usually occur when a parent wants to move with a child to a new geographical location and there exists custody and/or visitation orders for the other party and Child and/or the parties have never been in Court before but both reside in New York and the Child has access to both parties on a regular basis. Obtaining permission to relocate from New York is a difficult feat, however same is possible. Even a move of a child’s primary residence outside of New York City will often be considered relocation, such that if you are considering any relocation, you should consult with an attorney immediately before moving your child from their current home and making other arrangements (a new lease, a new job, etc.) necessary to relocate. Relocation applications are also sometimes brought in the context of a divorce action in Supreme Court.

Fersch LLC has successfully litigated (both in favor and in opposition to relocations) many relocation matters in both the Supreme and Family Courts of New York City.